The BNspired platform is created to inspire our family, friends and anyone considering or who has previously had Weight Loss Surgery (WLS).

Real People, Real Stories, Real Results

Every Journey Is Special

Only you have lived your story, and we aspire to provide a platform for a wide selection of your incredible efforts, the challenges you have overcome, and the successes of having Bariatric Surgery.

We Are Not Alone

When you share your WLS journey and how it has impacted you, you show people they are not alone. Your story can show that overcoming any WLS difficulties is possible and raises the opportunity for connection.

Become Empowered

BN Healthy is committed to delivering a safe community to share your story. We strive to break down the stigma around obesity and Bariatric Surgery with ethical, individual storytelling.

BNspired Stories with Akevai Johanson

Have you listened to someone share a life experience and thought, 'Wow, someone else has been through that too? I thought it was just me!' Akevai is one of our community members who continuously inspire us and everyone else to keep pursuing a healthier life. Whether you're a busy mum or a businessman, you're welcome to join BNspired.

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Please help build our BNspiring stories, sharing some aspects of your journey to empowerment, In the end, we all become stories - and your story matters!

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Tonia Graveson

It really blew me away whenever I brought a new piece of clothing and in a few weeks it either was to big or baggy (I just couldn’t get my head around that).

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Carolyn Hedges

The compliments I am getting is so uplifting, I actually get embarrassed when people tell me how great I look!

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Debby-Jane Daniels

Best thing- I have learned to love who I am Hardest- learning to eat small portions and to not drink with food.

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Lee Marie Solomon

My health is alot better now. Learning what my likes and dislikes.

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Samantha Gold

the best thing is being healthier for my children, and hopefully healthier to have another baby in the future. 

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Kerri Shepherd-Ashby

I am so much happier now and enjoy being out and about with my family. I also allow photos to be taken now. Hardest part is learning what foods now work to fuel me and not to overeat. I be also still see myself as big, even in before and after photos I cannot tell a huge difference. Something for me to work on.

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Wendy Brown

Just do it don't look back!

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Kim Buckow

Best thing being able to smile again and living life to the fullest hardest I wouldn't say any part has been hard I renewed my wedding vows.

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The best thing is seeing that my outside appearance matches my inside. I feel free to be myself.

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Jennifer Harris

The best thing after surgery is My husband thinks I’m even more fabulous!

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Leonie Lamont

''Be patient with myself and follow the rules''

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Shantelle Meehan

I can now run around after children I'm healthy and I have never had a hard part I've been extremely lucky

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Debbie Wullschleger

Do your research, be prepared for things to be hard and know that it is not the easy way out. Often we hear this from other people, but it is not! 

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Laura Warbout

Learn your food triggers. Stay hydrated. Don't look at this like "another diet" because it's not (you can still have cake!!) Start to view food as fuel and find ways to keep your meals interesting by trying new recipes and sharing them.

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Katy McSweeny

I love inspiring others that's why I share my journey on instagram at @katy2.022

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Jenny Hinds

I am able to participate more. My favourite past time is pole fitness which I'm able enjoy even more.

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Kerry Chapman

I feel so much healthier. The hardest changing my mind set on my body image size and excepting complements from people.

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Matt Stephens

Do your research and surround yourself with positive people to encourage the lifestyle change you are making

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