BN Healthy is Your Best Choice as a Bariatric Supplement Partner... By Far!

Here are 8 Reasons Why

The Best Products

  • BN Caps & BN Chews are made to ASMBS guidelines
  • BN Caps & BN Chews have ASMBS recommended nutrients: Copper, Iron, Calcium
  • Premium bioavailable ingredients are used: Calcium Citrate, Iron Bisglycinate,Activate B12

Cheaper for Your Patients

  • As BN Chews contain all recommended nutrients, additional Calcium or Iron are not generally required as extras
  • A standard 3-month subscription costs just $66!

Supporting the Bariatric Community

  • Industry Event Supporter for nearly 10 years.
  • Webinars, Podcasts: Providing evidenced-based education and motivation in all phases of the WLS journey
  • Industry Consultative Product Development: Meeting commercial and compliance success

Reliable Products Direct to your Patients

  • Affiliate Program: Refer your patients to BN Healthy and we'll provide them with an immediate discount. It's easy. Find Out More.
  • Wholesale Program: Sell BNs to your patients from within your clinic. Find Out More.

Free Practitioner Resources

  • Vitamins & Supplements Samples: Try an assortment of BN Products
  • Patient Education Brochures: Enabling patients to remember important information leading to greater compliance
  • Clinic Posters and Displays: To expand knowledge of their health, change attitudes and apply a useful daily practice
  • Surgery Journey Packs: Designed specifically to support the preparation and recovery of Bariatric patients

Better Patient Compliance

  • Great Tasting & Easy to Digest: BN Chews are small and in a delicious Raspberry flavour
  • BN Chocolates: Premium 72% Dark Chocolate, 500g Calcium Citrate + 500IU Vitamin D3
  • Patient Support: Groups, Education, BNspired WLS Stories, Facebook Live Sessions, Recipes - all providing a supportive environment and the tools to achieve success

Truly Patient Focused

  • Lower Sell Prices: Affordable Malabsorption and Malnutrition Solutions
  • Higher Cost More Bioavailable Ingredients: Without having to take higher doses
  • Full Product Range: From supplements to shapewear, for all lifestyle and nutrition needs post-surgery

Great Service & Delivery

  • Same Day Shipping:  All orders received before 2.00pm are shipped same day from our Florida distribution centre.
  • Patient Focussed Organisation:  Helping customers through their Weight Loss Journey with inspiration, education and a complete range of products from supplements to shapewear.
  • Quality Assured: Manufactured in an FDA registered facility.