Collagen Protein Powder

Beauty starts on the inside; if you ask us, why not consider buying collagen powder? Collagen is the primary building block in

  • Minimising hair loss
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Improving skin texture and fragile nails,

which are common issues a Bariatric patient may encounter during their weight loss journey.

Browse our leading Bariatric collagen protein powder range. Buy your collagen powder today, helping meet your needs daily.



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Feel Good Tasteless Collagen Powder

1.1 lb

For Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails


Nutritionally supported over 50,000 Bariatric Patients'

I am so much happier now, full of energy and enjoy being out and about with my family. - Kerri

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I can't believe how great I feel. The compliments I am getting is so uplifting. My advice is to go for it, remember who your doing it for and why! - Carolyn

You too, can live for the Best of Your Life

Overall health has improved significantly, I have high energy levels to be active daily is awesome! - Matt

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Tonia Graveson

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Tonia Graveson

It really blew me away whenever I brought a new piece of clothing and in a few weeks it either was to big or baggy (I just couldn’t get my head around that).
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Carolyn Hedges

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Carolyn Hedges

The compliments I am getting is so uplifting, I actually get embarrassed when people tell me how great I look!
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Debby-Jane Daniels

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Debby-Jane Daniels

Best thing- I have learned to love who I am Hardest- learning to eat small portions and to not drink with food.
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Collagen for Bariatric Patients

Collagen for Weight Loss Surgery can increase skin elasticity, hydration and dermal collagen density. Collagen use after bariatric surgery plays a vital role in improving joint pain, strengthening your muscles, and reducing the risk of injury.