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The BNspired platform is created to inspire our family, friends, and anyone considering or who has previously had Weight Loss Surgery (WLS).

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Only you have lived your story, and we aspire to provide a platform for a wide selection of your incredible efforts, the challenges you have overcome, and the successes of having Bariatric Surgery. 

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When you share your WLS journey and how it has impacted you, you show people they are not alone. Your story can show that overcoming any WLS difficulties is possible and raises the opportunity for connection. 

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BN Healthy is committed to delivering a safe community to share your story. We strive to break down the stigma around obesity and bariatric surgery with ethical, individual storytelling.

Please help build our BNspiring stories, sharing some aspects of your journey to empowerment. In the end, we all become stories – and your story matters!

To know my family are very proud of me for doing this & basically saving my life as my doctor told me with my high blood pressure I had (which I don’t now) I was a walking time bomb...

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Starting weight 107kgs Goal weight 70kgs Currently 80kgs

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Best part - buying size 10 jeans. I have never owned a pair of size 10 jeans! Hardest part - I can't think of anything!

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I noticed people's change in attitude. Being able to have kids and keep up with them. Being able to shop for "normal" sized clothes.

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For me I found the non scale victories are better than the numbers on the scales, I can have a bath now, I can climb stairs, I am happy, I do have energy, I can go to a clothes store and have choice, I can wrap a towl around me, people can hug me, I dobt get called the big fat scary woman anymore.

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I can now walk up the hill to my mailbox without my calf muscles hurting! Hardest part has been purée food… it tastes like food but looks so unappealing. The phase passes quickly though.

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