A meal replacement shake is a healthy meal in a shake specifically designed for Bariatric Surgery patients.


The key is to know that meal replacement shakes are meant to do what they call themselves - replace meals.

BN Healthy offers nutritionally high-quality meal replacement shakes for:

  • Maximise weight loss
  • Prevent unhealthy eating meals
  • Provide nutritional goodness

It is an excellent option for a nutritionally complete meal as they are packed high in protein and fibre, vitamins and minerals, and low in sugar and carbs.

It will help with weight loss by "feeling full for longer" while eating less than you commonly would. It's no secret that decreasing calorie intake is the key to losing weight. Well, meal replacement shakes make the method more straightforward and, in doing so, create a weight-loss shake as well.

Why choose our meal replacement shakes, used by Australian Bariatric patients, like you, after Weight Loss Surgery?

You can feel confident that you are feeding your body with protein and essential nutrients in addition to your digestive system with much-needed prebiotics and probiotics for maximum health.

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    I am so much happier now, full of energy and enjoy being out and about with my family. - Kerri

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    I can't believe how great I feel. The compliments I am getting is so uplifting. My advice is to go for it, remember who your doing it for and why! - Carolyn

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    Overall health has improved significantly, I have high energy levels to be active daily is awesome! - Matt

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