We encourage you to think about how you feel while eating.

Think about these levels of hunger as you eat and with practice you will be able to stop right where you need to be.

LEVEL 1: weak, headache, confusion, slow movements, low blood sugar
LEVEL 2: very uncomfortable, light headed, irritable, unable to concentrate
LEVEL 3: uncomfortable hollow feeling, stomach rumbling
LEVEL 4: slightly uncomfortable, just beginning to become aware of and feel hunger
LEVEL 5: comfortable, you are satisfied but could eat a little more
LEVEL 6: happily comfortable, satisfied. Many emit a signal, usually a hiccup, sniffle or sneeze at the back edge before moving to level 7
LEVEL 7: full and feeling that you don’t really want another bite. This is just a little beyond where you want to be
LEVEL 8: not wanting to swallow the chewed food in your mouth where you must spit it out. You feel a little bit uncomfortable
LEVEL 9: overfull, very uncomfortable, regret in having eaten too much, pouch pain, hoping to regurgitate for relief. Feeling this way normally initiated by foods that go down easily but swell such as rice, pasta, bread.
LEVEL 10: stomach pain, chills, regurgitating of food, followed by intense fatigue. You are

If you are eating fast, your body wont register how full you are for about 20 minutes.

So always wait 10-15 min before dishing up seconds.
You'll probably find after this time, you are feeling satisfied. If not, then always start with more protein first.

Protein First Works!

It doesn’t matter how much is on the plate if we use ‘Protein First’ and ‘Vegetables Second’
as our portion control and only eat until we are comfortable and satisfied, somewhere between
Bariatric Level 5 and 6.

As a guide, fill your plate with a serve of lean protein with salsa or sauce and 1/2 cup lower carb vegetable or chopped salad.

Eat 1/2 of your Protein First, 1/2 the Vegetable Second then go in for small alternating bites of protein and vegetable until you recognize you are at a soft fill level of 6. Then stop!
Thinking about levels 5 through 9 while eating is very empowering.