Our Mission

At BN Multi, our mission is to work together with the post-surgical bariatric community (both individuals and professionals) to provide the most up to date and effective range of Bariatric Nutritional products.

Our commitment is to using the highest quality ingredients to provide products that are appealing to taste, convenient to use, and have positive results on maintaining health after surgery. Our products are all geared to preventing nutritionally related illnesses often seen after Bariatric surgery.

At present, we work with the feedback from over 100 post surgical taste testers and 15 plus Bariatric dietitians and surgeons.

If you would like to be part of our feedback group or have suggestions about our products or a product you would like to see us provide.

Our Vision

Education is a focus, to help in providing knowledge and therefore motivation toward healthy lifestyle choices after surgery.

We are working toward international brand awareness through results, reputation, and quality.
Our vision is to be a leader in supporting the health of post-bariatric patients for life.
Our passion is in creating long-term relationships through understanding, compassion and support of patients in their commitment to the end goal - long-term health and longevity.

Please contact us at support@bnmulti.com or call me Jacqui on 07 3501 0323.

Jacqui Lewis