Great New Additions to Your Clinical Toolkit

Introducing our exciting new additions to the continuously expanding BN range.

Each new product has been designed to offer you and your patients flexibility and efficacy and continue to help with compliance by providing a range of suitable options for every stage of the journey.

We aim to be a source of safety and community to bring to life our mission, "For The Best Of Your Life ".

Pre & Post-Surgery Care Boxes

Make it easy and improve compliance.

Eliminate patient confusion and stress.


Complete Pre-Surgery Preparation

Designed to streamline the pre-op process without all the guesswork.

Best Practices for Enhanced Recovery
Up to 80% of patients have some nutritional deficiencies before surgery. Starting multivitamins before surgery will improve shortfall nutrients and enhance surgical recovery.

Each box contains:

- 3 x BN Chews Multivitamins (3-month supply, start on the Gold Standard before surgery)
- 2 x 770g BN Slim VLED Shakes (28 servings, high protein meal replacements)
- 1 x BN Broth Powder (100g, digestive support)
- 1 x BN Protein Shaker
- 1 x Silk Eye Mask Hospital Checklist Pre-Surgery FAQ BrochureSample sized:- 1 x BN Pure Pro - Whey Protein Isolate (30g)
- 1 x BN Fibre (5g)
- 1 x BN Vitamins (full range)

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Complete Post-Surgery Supplementation

Follow the 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Going home from the hospital totally prepared is key to reducing stress and improving long-term outcomes.
BN Easystart removes the stress and guesswork from this stage with ease.

Each box contains:

- 3 x BN Chews Multivitamins (3-month supply, start on the Gold Standard after surgery)
- 1 x 770g BN Slim VLED Shake (14 servings, high protein meal replacements)
- 1 x BN Broth Powder (100g, digestive support)
- BN Sipper Water Bottle - for on-point hydration
-  Liquid & Soft Food Recipe Cards Set
- Free Bariatric Vitamins, Fibre & Protein Samples

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Chewable Multivitamin & Iron (II) Glycinate

Our new dynamic DUO combines the comprehensive nutritional coverage of our tasty Wild Berry chewables with the benefit of flexible iron dosage.

Tasty Wild Berry Iron Free Chews brings everything you'd expect in a comprehensive bariatric multi, minus the iron.

BN Iron provides 24mg of iron bisglycinate: Number 1 for compliance with no uncomfortable GIT side effects. Your patient can use larger doses with ease when iron levels need boosting.

Each of your patient's needs and preferences differs. We are all about providing flexible, tasty options.

Nutrition Panel

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Smaller Capsules for an Easy to Take, Daily Solution

BN Caps are our trusted, comprehensive solution for the malabsorption brought about by Bariatric Surgery.

To make BN Caps "comprehensive", they contain 27 nutrients, and some are in higher doses to meet the ASMBS Nutritional Guidelines for WLS patients.

Until now, we have managed to meet the guidelines and provide a capsule version that works for most patients. It's well-recognised that some patients have difficulty swallowing larger-sized supplements and medications.

A Welcome Size Reduction
Using cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, we can provide the same Gold Standard multivitamin capsule housed in a smaller-sized capsule for ease of use.

With new BN Caps in a smaller capsule - we have ticked one more compliance hurdle off the list for you!

Nutrition Panel

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30 Billion CFU

Carefully selected strains targeting issues specific to bariatric patients.

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus: Inhibits growth of candida albicans. Lactobacillus Plantarum: Normalising stool and relief of abdominal pain (IBS/IBD).
Lactobacillus Acidophilus: Eczema, antibiotic diarrhoea, bacterial vaginosis.
Lactobacillus Casei: Contributes to weight loss and improves lipid metabolism in obese patients.
Bifidobacterium Lactis: Aids the absorption of various vitamins and minerals and supports healthy skin and immune system.

Supplementing probiotics has shown:
- Improved Outcomes for Weight Management
- Decreased Post-Operative GI Distress
- Increased B12 and Iron Levels

Nutrition Panel

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BN SLIM - 770g

VLCD Meal Replacement Shakes

Scientifically Balanced
Nutritionally complete VLCD including 33g protein, fibre and omega 3 fats to reduce hunger and prepare safely for surgery and beyond.

3 delicious flavours your patients will actually enjoy: Vanilla, Chocolate and Coffee.

Each 55g serving of BN Slim contains:
- Over 33g Protein
- Pre & Probiotics
- Less than 2.9g Sugar.

The outcomes for your patients?
- Safer Surgery
- Enhanced Recovery
- Superior Maintenance of Lean Mass
- Rapid Fat Loss Under Supervision

Nutrition Panel - Chocolate

Nutrition Panel - Vanilla

Nutrition Panel - Coffee

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BN BROTH - 100g

Digestive Support

Available in vegan-friendly chickpea and miso or beef bone broth powder.

Post Surgical Support and Healthy Snacking
- Collagen: For gut health, hair, skin and nails.
- Glycine: For liver health, antioxidant production and sleep.
- Minerals: Calcium, magnesium and electrolytes.

Great for surgical recovery or healthy snacking.

Nutrition Panel - Beef Bone

Nutrition Panel - Vegan

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