How does exercise play a role?

Exercise is a critical component in long term outcomes for individuals who have undergone a bariatric procedure. Physical activity is one of the most important factors which predict sustainable change, desired outcomes and improved health status for individuals who have undergone a bariatric procedure.


If it aint making you work – It aint working! if your regime becomes double without too much effort, it needs to be upgraded.

When things get easy – it’s good news that you are stronger and fitter than you were – but to keep gaining strength and fitness you need to up the workload at this stage.

A general rule is to increase your workload by 10% each week


if you walk 5k normally, each week you would either Includes some hills, or increase the distance by 10% This way you won’t plateau. Your body will keep changing only if you keep challenging it.

As a rule, strength training exercise usually isn’t included in a gastric bypass surgery patient’s exercise program until about 120 days after the procedure to ensure that the body has been given time to heal.

Abdominal and lower back regions are typically not recommended until at least six months after surgery. In addition, high-intensity resistance training is normally not commenced until almost a year post-surgery.