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To support your patients in their Weight Loss Journey, BN Healthy has partnered with Bodymapp to offer your patients
3 months FREE Bodymapp Premium Access.

All your patient needs to do is purchase $80 worth of any product on the BN Healthy website, using your Dietitian Referral Code, including:

BN Chews and BN Caps

BN Protein and Collagen

BN Chews Chocolate

Books and Shapewear

They will then receive an email from BN Healthy 3 Month Free Bodymapp Access Code.

What is Bodymapp?

Bodymapp is a 3D body scanning app that allows people to measure and track their body composition using their mobile device*.

With Bodymapp, your patient can measure and track their Pre and Post Surgery changes anywhere anytime.

Key Features:

  • 3D Avatar + Avatar Comparison
  • Personalised Health Report
  • Goal Setting + Progress Tracking

How Bodymapp Works

Bodymapp uses the depth sensor in mobile devices* to map the external contours of your patient’s body and transform it into a 3D avatar true to body shape. Measurements are accurate within 3-4% of a DEXA scan and circumference within +/- 3-8 inch. The app uses algorithms to calculate 20 health metrics based on circumference measurements, surface area and more. 

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Safe to Use

Bodymapp uses the depth sensor in the mobile device* to capture the 3D contours of your patient’s body, similar to how it’s used for facial recognition. It’s non-invasive and safe for everyone to use - even pregnant women. The infrared sensor cannot scan through clothing, so it’s recommended that your patient wear tight-fitting activewear or underwear during a scan.

Bodymapp Respects Your Client’s Privacy

For privacy, Bodymapp does not capture any photographic images. The heat map generated by the scan is what gets uploaded for processing in monochromatic form.

Bodymapp Health Report

  • Body Composition Metrics
  • Posture Analysis
  • Body Shape Analysis
  • Tips
  • Optional Global Ranking

*Compatible mobile devices are iPhones X-14 Pro and iPad Pro Series 11 and 12.
The scan must be completed using one of these devices. However, the app and health report is accessible on both Apple and Android devices.

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