October 2021

Lynette Lucas

1. What made you decide to have wls surgery?
My diabetes was out of control..I saw an ad on Facebook..checked it out..spoke to my doctor & then made a call that changed my life.
2. What was your weight prior to your WLS, and... What’s the goal?
Before surgery..121.9 kegs Goal weight..80kgs.
3. Did you get to the weight you wanted?
I have not got there yet..current weight 88.2kgs.
4. How do you feel now that you have had the surgery?
I feel great..no diabetes..no blood pressure.. I am exercising something I fine I enjoy.
5. Were there any problems along the way?
Yes adjusting to the eating program was challenging.
6. Would you do it again now that you know what you know?
Yes in a heart beat..life is too short
7. What are some of the inspiring things you can think of that you have noticed along the way?
My husband is the best support I have had. He helps me on a daily basis..telling me I look great..and how proud he is of me
8. Did you have some happy unexpected surprises?
Yes the weight just dropped off me..going shopping for clothes that fit..on my birthday my husband & daughters gave me gift cards to buy myself new clothes.
9. What advice do you have for anyone preparing for surgery?
If you have health issues & your weight is affected talk to WLSA & find out what your options are..you won’t regret it.
10. What is the one very best thing that has resulted from your surgery? What has been the hardest part of your journey?
NO DIABETES OR HIGH BLOOD PRESURE ANYMORE.. Adjusting to eating when we go out