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Shapewear & Compression

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BN Men's Compression Zipper Vest


Improve blood circulation


Providing compression to slim the chest & abdominal area


Medium: competent compression to tame unwanted areas

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  • Cold machine wash or hand wash ideally in a laundry bag
  • Air-dry naturally flat
  • Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean

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Carefully formulated to target your concerns.
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Qualified Nutritionists are here to help you make the best choice when it comes to you and your health.

No, it would be best to buy shapewear with the size according to your largest measurement. It's not recommended to buy a smaller size as it will fit improperly, cause discomfort, and you won't get the results from your shapewear.

Compression vests that are sized correctly should have a snug fit with applying even pressure throughout the entire shapewear. The compression vest should not be too tight, as it may restrict movement and blood circulation. In addition, they should not be too loose, as you won't get the benefits of the compression.

Yes, a compression vest is a garment to shrink the female-like breasts in the male body, uplifting the chest contour.

Yes, compression vests are safe to wear by selecting a compression vest that fits you well. It is not safe if it is too tight or ill-fitting, as you may risk blood circulation and breathing problems.

A compression vest can be worn throughout the day if the compression does not restrict movement or breathing. A proper fitting compression vest will be tolerated better all day comfortably.